Miracle On Zoomie Street

BestiZ loving Woozens,

As the go-to person for all things BestiZ, I have something super cool to share.

You may have noticed the rise of these adorable creatures. But what are they?

They're called Zoomies! Yep, that's right! Collecting these little creatures not only earns an Achievement but can also lead to additional rewards.

I saw a lady with a magic staff. She chased a masked person, leaving me curious for more.

With Woozmas just around the corner, you may be concerned about how the Zoomies might impact our plans. But don't worry! Let's embrace the excitement and go on a Zoomie hunt together. Who knows, we might even discover a new BestiZ friend among them!

Don't forget to give your BestiZ a snack to take care of them.

Wishing you a magical Woozmas,

Nurse Joyce

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