Meet Twenty Odd Zoomies!

Music-loving Woozens,

Meet Twenty Odd Zoomies (AKA TOZ/XXOZ), the Cortozan band taking over the Woozworld charts! You might not know much about the members, so we thought we'd introduce you to them.

Nikita is the lead singer and songwriter. Nikita has always been artistic and absolutely loves the spotlight. After considering a career in acting, Nikita discovered her true calling was in music and hasn't looked back since. Sometimes called a diva, Nikita is determined and passionate about her music and won't let anyone hold her back.

Marco is the lead guitarist. Marco got his first guitar as a young child and nothing was ever the same. Born into a family of musicians, he's been composing for as long as he can remember. He also occasionally helps Nikita with songwriting. Talented would be an understatement!

Tai is the bassist. Tai didn't discover his passion for music until later in life, but that doesn't mean he's any less talented than his bandmates! A bad boy with a soft, sensitive side and a heart of gold, Tai is a quiet but critical member of the band.

Yasmin is the drummer and backing vocalist. Quirky and fun-loving, Yasmin has played many instruments throughout her life, but she definitely feels most at home behind her drum kit. Yasmin is definitely the goofiest member of the otherwise serious band and always manages to keep her bandmates laughing.

Though the band works tremendously together, none of the members actually knew each other before forming. They met each other after answering an ad W posted looking for bandmates. W went through many, many musician hopefuls before finding her perfect bandmates. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Now you've met both of our Battle of Bands groups! Time to start thinking about who you'd like to support.

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