Meet the rookies

Hail, Woozens! 

Here who writes to you is Doctor Boris Craborov, health specialist and second-best swimmer of Colony VI!

I know you were all expecting Lieutenant Aurore to give you the news, but she's currently on a very important mission with a gentleman named Mel Odious. Something related to a music festival? We'll likely receive more information soon.

But fear not, Boris Craborov is here to save the day (not because Commander Gravity instructed me), and I have the names of our new recruits in my claws. Please give them a warm welcome...

Recruit 1 TENSAI


Full of life, creativity and curiosity, she's eager to explore the human world, despite the great responsibilities weighing on her shoulders.

Recruit 2 Descants


An undercover ship mechanic that is always... just a little bit clumsy.

He is really a mechanic that has a lot of imagination and a love for anything aviation, and that includes an obsession for spaceships

Recruit 3 Ambros

Would you like to test out my new invention? Of course, it's safe, I think?"

Recruit 4 aunties

She's a fairly new and creative specimen on the team and she loves to help.

Lieutenant Aunties is often inspired by the stars and planets and can produce light from her hands (Hence why she wears gloves).

Recruit 5 SaIvatore

Hey there, BREW-tifuls! I am Comet, and my official title is Galactic Brewista. I am the latest addition to Colony VI at Milky Way to Coffee.


I vividly recall my early days as a recruit. I was proud of my shiny claws! Welcome to Colony VI, newbies. If you have allergies, let me know.

And as always, don't forget, the Legendary Adventure is out there!

Dr. Boris Craborov