Meet the Guilds: Hersh vs 'Bury

Easter-loving Woozens,

The season is upon us! Pretty pastels, adorable baby animals, chocolate! You know the drill.

In Candiworld, this time of year is a Big Deal. They really go all out with decorations and, of course, with chocolate.

Now, you might remember that Chip and Caddie are each leaders of a different chocolate guild. Chip runs the Hersh Guild, while Caddie is the face of the 'Bury Guild. You might be thinking, "Two chocolate guilds?! What's the difference??" Well, let me explain.

Once upon a time, Chip and Caddie were best of buds and wanted to start a chocolate guild together, but there was a problem. They couldn't decide on a name. Chip wanted his guild named Hersh and Caddie wanted his to be called 'Bury. So... That's exactly what they did. Chip created the Hersh Guild and Caddie the 'Bury Guild.

So, are they the same?

Nope. Chip tends to be a bit more adventurous with his chocolate creations (remember those chocolate frogs?) while Caddie sticks with more traditional chocolates.

So, is there a difference in flavor?

We can't say for sure, but some locals say that Hersh chocolate is sweeter and melts in your mouth, while 'Bury is more rich in flavour and creamier.

And there you have the complete history of Candiworld's two Chocolate Guilds.

Each year, Chip and Caddie campaign to earn the coveted Easter Chocolate Contract (aka the ECC.). Whoever wins it, gets to supply all of Candiworld with chocolate for Easter. Talk about a sweet deal!

This year, things are a little complicated though. Not only have they fallen behind on their usual campaign schedule, but, presumably while they were temporarily vegetables, the chocolate supplies from both the Hersh and 'Bury guilds went missing. In Candiworld, this is a SERIOUS EMERGENCY.

Once again, Candiworld is calling YOU, the Woozens, for help. After your impressive rescue performance when the residents were turned into vegetables, there is no one else more suited for the job.

You'll soon be asked to choose a guild to support and, from there, you'll have to help get their chocolate supplies back to where they were before! Keep an eye on your Quest Journal for further instructions.

Good luck out there!

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