Meet Your New Easter Bunny!

Hey Woozens!

You might remember awhile back that we announced that we had made an adorably SHOCKING discovery. You know...OkunoZima Island...The land full of adorable little BUNNIES!

And we turned to YOU to help us find the best candidate to take on the role of the Easter Bunny!

Thanks to all of your hard word and dedication to collecting Easter eggs, we have finally found our newest official Easter Bunny.

And the winner is......



The traditional, simple, pastel lovin' cutie......AIKO!

We know what you're thinking...who came in second and third? In second place, we have the adventurous and rebellious Mari, followed by the whip-smart and efficient Eichi in third place!

Congrats to Aiko's team of Top 20 Easter Egg Collectors!

  1. PrincessSn0wWolf
  2. Woozen-8836581
  3. Josh555
  4. x3-Fashion-x3
  5. sunquest
  6. Woozen-51057555
  7. ivanxv
  8. Vegito7
  9. YousefKamal
  10. Lovergirl456uwo
  11. megansapphire98
  12. Conjunctions
  13. Woozen-4056402
  14. peggy288ny
  15. isthereloveleft
  16. x3-Ewok-x3
  17. Octogone
  18. -Blythe-
  19. mofoonwede
  20. Woozen-80198740

Congrats, Woozens! You'll be receiving your prize very soon!

Thanks for all of your help, Woozens!

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