Meet Lib Street Revival!

Hello again, music lovers!

It's time to meet the members of Lib Street Revival (AKA L=R/LSR)! This genre-defying indie band, from Lib Street, of course, has been blowing up the underground music scene.

Lead singer, Willow, also plays the keyboard from time to time. Though shy, sweet and a little silly off-stage, when Willow is on stage, she is anything but. Loud, fierce and dominating, she truly comes to life when she's performing, especially when they are her own songs.

The lead guitarist and backing vocalist is Jax. Fun fact: Jax was originally the lead guitarist AND the lead singer, with Willow on the keyboard. When he heard Willow's voice, though, he knew the band had found their TRUE voice. Though he is a natural leader, Jax was never truly comfortable in the limelight and was happy to focus more on his one true love: guitar.

The bassist/cellist and occasional violinist is Genevieve. As you can tell, Genevieve is busy. That's no problem for her, though, seeing as how she's always highly organized. Considered a musical prodigy, she can play just about any instrument you put in front of her. It's no wonder the whip-smart Genevieve is the band's lead composer.

And finally, we have Wade, LSR's drummer. Good ol' dependable Wade is someone the band can always count on for support and hard work. He's determined to be the best drummer and bandmate he can be and won't settle for anything less. He's always up for a last-minute gig or a late-night chat with a friend who needs it.

This is a band who has known each other for a loooong time. They might have grown up playing music together, but they didn't officially start their band until recently. Their bond is clearly heard through their music and it comes as no surprise that they've quickly taken over the underground music scene.

So, you've met our first Battle of the Bands group! Stay tuned to meet the second.

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