Meet Eichi!

You've met Aiko, now meet Eichi, another one of OkunoZima's candidates for the new Easter Bunny. Find out all about him here!

Woozworld (Wzw): Nice to meet you, Eichi. We were wondering; what made you decide to run to become the new Easter Bunny?

Eichi (E): Over the past decade, Easter in Woozworld has been far less efficient than it could have been. I have been developing formulas to create a much more efficient Easter and they are finally ready.

Wzw: What is your favourite thing about Easter?

E: I enjoy the challenge that comes with the Easter Egg Hunt. It's like a puzzle waiting to be solved. Also, the chocolate. I really love the chocolate.

Wzw: What do you think you can bring to Easter?

E: I can bring organization, efficiency and fun. I'm great with puzzles and know that my Easter Egg Hunts will be the most rewarding ever. I'm talking tons of chocolate.

Wzw: Thanks for your time, Eichi ! Good luck on the campaign trail.

E: Thank you, Woozworld, for having me.

If you're looking for a whip-smart, efficient Easter Bunny (with a serious love for chocolate,) Eichi might just be the candidate for you!

Check back in soon to learn about the other Easter Bunny candidates!

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