Meet Dino Crossing Founder Isabelle

Well, hey there all you cool dinos and rexes!

I'm Isabelle, founder of Dino Crossing, a sanctuary for dinosaurs and dinosaur-lovers alike. I created this sanctuary with the hopes that one day Woozens and dinosaurs will live together, in harmony, as equals.

Believe it or not, a lot of folks see dinosaurs as lesser life forms, describing them as savages and showcasing their bones in museums! It's inhumane, to say the least. That's probably why Dino Crossing is one of the only sanctuaries of its kind. I don't see dinosaurs as monsters; I know that they are sensitive, caring creatures who deserve happiness just like you or I.

I have poured my heart and soul into this sanctuary. From my very first eggsperiment (hehehe) to now, this beautiful haven has been the center of my universe.

Let's get on to the important stuff- the rules of Dino Crossing! There aren't many, but they are very, very important.

Do not enter enclosures unless accompanied by a Dino Crossing staff member. Upon exiting an enclosure, make sure to lock it.

Do not feed any dinosaurs unless accompanied by a Dino Crossing staff member.

Do not touch any dinosaurs unless accompanied by a Dino Crossing staff member.

Do not snoop around.

And that's it! You'll see, visiting Dino Crossing is as simple as it is rewarding :) as long as you're not like that crumpet Walter Wattlesworth, letting my babies out! Speaking of my babies... How cute are they? Thank you so very much for helping to bring them home... I miss them so much!

Don't be a stranger at Dino Crossing! My assistant Tom will be happy to show you around and we're looking forward to having you. Until next time, this is Isabelle signing off!

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