Meet Aiko!

Woozens, meet Aiko, one of OkunoZima's candidates for the new Easter Bunny. We were lucky enough to be able to sit down and talk with her about her campaign. Check it out below!

Woozworld (Wzw): Pleasure to meet you, Aiko. We were wondering; what made you decide to run to become the new Easter Bunny?

Aiko (A): Well, of course, I have always just loved everything about Easter! Over the past few years, Woozworld has had some pretty tumultuous Easters. I just want to make Easter a peaceful, joyous and beautiful time again. That's what Easter should be about!

Wzw: What is your favourite thing about Easter?

A: Hmm... Aside from the tradition of families coming together, my favourite thing is probably the aesthetics. I love pastels, florals and simple, classic patterns. Spring is the most beautiful time of year and I love that Easter celebrates that.

Wzw: What do you think you can bring to Easter?

A: I hope I can bring some of the more traditional aspects and decor back to it. Easter doesn't have to be complicated; sometimes simple is better.

Wzw: Thanks for chatting with us, Aiko! Good luck on the campaign trail.

A: Thank you so much!

If you're looking for Easter to go back to its humble and wholesome roots, Aiko might just be the Easter Bunny candidate for you!

Check back in soon to learn about the other Easter Bunny candidates!

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