May 2021 Activities


It's MAY! The flowers are blooming and those rain clouds are finally receding. Spring is HERE and so is the sunshine we've all missed for so long.

As usual, let's break down what's going on throughout this glorious month!

We're gonna start things off this May with some beachy, summer styles! Expect the new outfits to have you craving that sand-between-your-toes feel. Also, some of your favourite beachy looks from the past will be in the Summer Clothing category of ShopZ! As you can see, we're not messing around with these summer vibes ;)

You'll also be able to grab some new summery threads in the all-new Summer Sun Mystery GrabZ. We'll have hairs, tops, bottoms, accessories and MORE that'll have you doing sun salutations in no time!

May the 4th be with you! Time for us to celebrate all things SPACE. Find out-of-this-world clothing and furniture in the Star Wooz category of ShopZ.

Our old pal Walter Wattlesworth is back! Keep an eye on him, though. Who knows what kind of trouble he'll get into this time! One thing we know for sure... He's gonna need your help.

We've got yet ANOTHER brand-new furniture line comin' to ya and, let's just say, this one will have you thinking you're in a whole new world.

You know what May means? Mother's Day! Make sure you show your ma (or a mother in your life) a little extra love on this day. Keep an eye on ShopZ, too. Some hand accessories might just bloom out of nowhere ;)

Did somebody say new clothing line? No? Just me? Well, I guess I won't tell you about it then.

It's the return of *drumroll please* FOREVER TEEN! One of your favourite clothing lines is coming back with a whole BUNCH of new hairs, tops, bottoms and footwear! Brace yourselves; this stuff is gonna be HOT.

And there you have it! May in a nutshell. What are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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