MasterClass Lesson 9: Counters

Lesson 9: Counters

Counters are a very useful tool to help you create your own circuits! You can use Counters to check if multiple signals are active and send the signal forward. For example, if you connect 2 Switches to a Counter, both Switches will need to be On to activate the Counter. Counters can be used as gate to make sure that multiple conditions are met to keep the signal going.


Multiple Power Inputs

Different Counters have a different number of Inputs but they all share the same logic: ALL Inputs need to be active to activate the Counter.


Power Output

Type: Continuous signal

When all Inputs are active, the Counter will output its signal.


Counters are a very powerful tool to add to our circuits. Try using the same concept from our last lesson on Dice. To do this, you'll need a 3-input Light Counter, 3 Dice and a Blockade.

First, set up your furniture like this:

Open the Wire Menu and select the Counter. Connect its Power Output A to the Blockade.

Next, select one of the Dice. Choose any number that you like, and connect it to the Counter. Repeat this process for the other 2 Dice (in this case, we're going with 3-3-3).

Now roll the Dice! When the Dice lands on your chosen number, you'll see that the wire connecting the Dice to the Counter will light up. As the signal is being sent, one of the lights on the Counter will light up.

And if all the Dice land correctly…

Simple as that! Don't miss the next MasterClass lesson all about Splitters and Hubs!