MasterClass Lesson 8: Dice and Spinners

Lesson 8: Dice and Spinners

If you're into hosting or playing different games in Woozworld, we're sure you're already preeeettty familiar with Dice and Spinners! We're also preeeetty sure you're going to love all the awesome tips and tricks we've got to show you to help you connect your dice and spinners to the Wired Furniture! Now, you can control them from across a Unitz AND create different actions depending on what they land on!


(Note: When you connect a wire to one of the inputs of a Dice or a Spinner, you won't be able to use it by clicking directly on the furniture anymore. To go back to the clicking behaviour, you can disconnect the inputs by clicking on them).


When a signal is received, the Start input will start rolling the Dice or spinning the Spinner.


Spinners have an extra input called Stop. When a signal is received in this input, the Spinner will stop spinning and land on a color. (Note: If nothing is connected in the Stop input, the Spinner will stop by itself like normal. If you connect something to the Stop input, the Spinner will keep spinning until a signal is sent to the Stop input).



Type: Pulse signal

The All output will send a Pulse signal when the Dice or Spinner lands on any result.

Specific choice

Type: Continuous signal

The other inputs are continuous signals that will be sent as long as the Dice or Spinner is currently landed on that option. For example, if you connect a Blockade to the Four output of a Dice, the Blockade will stay down as long as the Dice is showing 4.


You already know that Dice and Spinners will generate a random outcome. Let's take the element of surprise and create a fun game of elimination! First things first, we'll need to create a Unitz for our game. You'll need a Spinner, a Switch, 1 Wooden Cube Blockade and 16 Fire Trap Blockades.

First, set your Blockades in the pattern that you want, and color them to match the Spinner. Your players will choose a color to stand on and be ejected from the game if the Spinner lands on their color... Until only one remains! Check out the example below:

First, you'll need to open the Wire Menu, select the Switch and connect its Power Output A to the Wooden Cube Blockade. This will enable you to control when players will be able to get into the game area.

Next up, set up your Spinner. Select the Spinner, select the Blue Output and connect it to one of your blue Fire Trap Blockades. Remember that Blockades have an Input to control them, but they also have an Output to continue the same signal. So, select that Fire Trap Blockade that you just wired, select its Power Output A and connect it to another blue Fire Trap Blockade. Do this until all of your blue Fire Trap Blockades are connected.

Pro-tip for PC users: When connecting to something that has only one input, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard to instantly choose the Input and start another connection. This is very useful when trying to connect many Blockades together!

Now, when the Spinner lands on blue, all of the blue Fire Trap Blockades will be activated and any player standing on them will be teleported to the gateway.

Repeat this process with all of the color outputs of the Spinner. Your circuit should look like this:

Hold on now, the yellow traps are already active! This won't work, no one can stand on them! We'd better fix that... But first, it's important to understand why this is happening. Well, the arrow of your Spinner is currently on yellow, so the Spinner is sending a signal to it's Yellow Output. Your circuit is working a liiiiittle too well! Now, we could fix this a couple of different ways, we could use Switches between the Spinner and Blockades to break the signal, we could manually spin the Spinner while our players walked on, etc. In this case, try fixing the problem by using Buttons to Start and Stop the Spinner. That way, the Spinner will spin continuously until you are ready to play.

Place 2 Buttons in your Unitz and connect them to the Start and Stop input of the Spinner:

Excellent! Now, if you did everything correctly, your game should be ready to go!

There you have it, dice and spinners! What kind of games will you create?

Tune in next time for our lesson on Counters!