MasterClass Lesson 5: Buttons

Lesson 5: Buttons

Buttons are a type of Wired Furniture that can send a one-time signal (single pulse signal) when it is clicked on. A one-time signal is a type of signal that doesn't "stay on" the same way that a Switch would. This means you cannot use a Button to open a Blockade or power on a Switch. These require a continuous signal to stay on, but you can use them to interact with other inputs. Like in Lesson 4, where they were used to Activate, Deactivate and Toggle a Switch.

Inputs / Outputs

Power Input

Buttons only have one input. If the input is left unwired, the Button will be active (or ON) and ready to be pushed to send a one-time signal. If you wire an input, this will act as an activation signal for the Button. If the input is turned ON, the Button will be active and working. If the input is turned OFF, the Button will be deactivated.

Power Output

Buttons only have one Power Output. The Power Output will send a one-time signal when it is pushed (if it's active).


In this Master Class walkthrough, we will go over how to Wire a Button. To follow you will need one Button and two Switches.

First, set up one Button and one Switch in your Unitz. Open the Wire Menu and select the Button. Connect the Button's Power Output A into the Switch's Toggle input:

Close the Wire Menu and use the Button. If Wired correctly, you see that it toggles the Switch. Next, place the second Switch in your Unitz and connect its Power Output A to the Button's Power Input A:

Close the Wire Menu and test your Button! You'll see that the Button is responsive when it's receiving a signal from the Switch that you've Wired to it.

Stay tuned for our next MasterClass all about Timers and Stopwatches!

Woozworld Staff