MasterClass Lesson 4: Switches

Lesson 4: Switches

Switches are similar to Floor Switches, acting as an interrupter to a Wired circuit. They can be turned on or off by Woozens by clicking them (rather than standing on them) just like a light switch. Switches can also be controlled by other parts of a Wired circuit. These Switches help you to create more complex connections with your Wired furniture!

Inputs / Outputs


Switches have 1 Power Output which a continuous signal will be omitted. However, they have 4 types of inputs that allow you to remotely control the switch.

Power Input

Connect furniture (like another Switch, see example below) that sends a continuous signal to activate the Switch. When that input gets turned off, so will the Power Input A. Alternatively, if you don't plug anything into Power Input A, Woozens can use the switch to turn the connection ON and OFF.


Connect furniture that will turn ON the switch when a signal is received (like a button).


Connect furniture that will turn OFF the switch when a signal is received (like a button).


Connect furniture that will toggle the switch ON or OFF every time a signal is received (like a button).


In this MasterClass walkthrough, we will go over Switches and how they work. To follow, you will need two Switches, one Blockade and three Buttons.

First, let's use the Switch on its own. In your Unitz, add a Blockade and one Switch. Wire the Switch's Power Output A into the Blockade as seen below:

Close the Wire Menu and click on the Switch. You will see that the Switch controls the Blockade. Next, let's set up our second Switch to understand how the Power Input of a Switch works. Place the second Switch in your Unitz and connect its Power Output A to the other Switch's Power Input A, like so :

Close the Wire Menu and click on the Switches. You'll notice that both Switches need to be ON for the Blockade to work. The middle Switch is now used as a relay for the signal, it needs to receive a signal in its input to activate anything.

Let's add Buttons to the circuit! You can use Buttons to control the first Switch. Set up your Buttons in your Unitz, and connect each Button's Power Output A into the Activate, Deactivate and Toggle inputs of the first Switch, like so:

Close the Wire Menu and click on the different Buttons. You'll see how they interact with the Switch. The Activate Button turns the Switch ON, the Deactivate Button turns the Switch OFF and the Toggle Button alternates between On and Off with each click.

Stay tuned for the next MasterClass all about Buttons!

Woozworld Staff