MasterClass Lesson 15: Leaderboard

Hello Woozens,

In the latest update we've introduced new Leaderboards you can use to keep track of highscores by Woozens.

They're super easy to wire to your Arcades, just follow those simple steps:

1. Place the Leaderboard and an Arcade in your Unitz

2. Plug the Arcade "All" Output in the "Score" Input of your Leaderboard

That's it, nothing else to do! As Woozens will play with your Arcade, their highest scores will automatically be recorded and displayed on your Leaderboard, along with their username and profile picture:

You can even customize your Leaderboard name by adding a "Tag" to it:

Advanced tips for pros:

Tip #1: You can wire multiple Arcades to a single Leaderboard all at once, by wiring all your Arcades in a Hub, and wiring the Hub to the Leaderboard. This will track the highscores coming from any Arcade:

Tip #2: Use the other Inputs/Outputs available:

Reset Input: Sending a signal to this input will clear and reset the scores on your Leaderboard

New Highscore Output: Triggered whenever a new highscore is recorded on your Leaderboard

New #1 Highscore Output: Triggered whenever a new TOP highscore is recorded

Tip #3: You can use the Leaderboard for your own custom Wired games, by plugging into it Encoders or Scoreboards. However in the current version this only track the highscores but not the username and profile pictures, this will be added in a future update.

Now go experiment and see what wired games you can do with the new Leaderboard.

Woozworld Staff