MasterClass Lesson 12: Sequencers

Lesson 12: Sequencers

Sequencers are a super useful tool you can use in your circuits! As their name suggests, Sequencers allow you to activate multiple things in a sequence. Think of it as connecting one thing after another.


Power Input

The Sequencers have one Power Input. Every time their Input is activated, they will send a signal to one of their Outputs in order.


When the Reset input is activated, the Sequencer will go back to its original state, activating nothing.


Multiple Power Outputs

Type: Continuous signal

When activated, a Sequencer will send a continuous signal through one of its Outputs. If the Sequencer is activated again, the Sequencer will then activate the next connected Output. If all outputs have been activated, the Sequencer will circle back to the first Output.


Sequencers are part of circuits that can sound a bit abstract but can be very powerful once you know how to use them. To try and figure out how they work, let's build a simple example. For this demonstration, you will need one Button, one 10-Wire Output Sequencer and ten Blockades.

First, let's set them up like this :

Then, let's open the Wire Menu and select the Button. Connect the Button's Output to the Sequencer's Power Input A. Next, select the Sequencer and look at its Outputs :

Next, connect Power Output A to the first Blockade on the left. Connect Power Output B to the second Blockade from the left. Repeat until all Blockades are connected :

Let's close the Wire Menu and click on the Button to see what happens!

And that's what the Sequencer does! Every time a signal is received, it will cycle through its Outputs.

What if all of the Outputs are not connected? Well, let's try it! Let's disconnect some of those Blockades :

And now, if we click our Button, you'll see that the Sequencer cycles through the only Outputs that have a connection :

What if we want a Sequencer to stop sending a signal so that all of the Blockades are closed? This is exactly what the Reset input is for! If we add another Button and connect to the Reset input of the Sequencer, you will be able to see for yourself :

And this covers it for the Sequencers! Don't miss the next lesson on Advanced Mechanics...AKA Loops!