March Woozness

Woozens Athletes,

Get ready to witness the most thrilling basketball tournament in Woozworld - March Woozness! However, there is a small issue that the expected winning teams are facing.

It seems that all the players decided to unwind in the pool at the Royal Woozalia Resort before the big final, and now they have gotten a sunburn and look as red as tomatoes!

Although both teams need new players, the show must go on even if they can't play in their current condition. Are you the MVP they're searching for?

Your objective is straightforward: choose a team and train diligently on the new basketball hoops that are available in some UnitZ and ShopZ locations. Score as many points as you can to secure a place on the Daily Leaderboard. The player in first place will be awarded a fantastic prize, and so will those who rank in the top 20 and top 40! Additionally, you'll receive a Title and GrabZ Tokens!

Shoot the basketball at the perfect moment to get the most points! Yellow zones score 1 point, green zones score 3 points. If you're good enough to shoot the mythical perfect SWISH (6 pts), you'll get a bonus and a total of 20 pts on the leaderboard!

But wait, there's more!

The top 20 players will compete in the grand final on March 14. The team with the most points will win, and all team members will receive a title and trophy.

Before you start practicing, you need to choose between two teams: the Woozdale High Wildcats or the Woozworld High Furyfangs. Keep in mind that once you make your choice, it cannot be changed.

Let the fun and games begin!

Woozworld Staff