March Activities

Adventurous Woozens,

After a big party in February, this month we're going on an adventure! So get your maps, compasses and... Oh, wait... Not that kind of adventure?

Oh... We can use Satellite Navigation and even WoozMaps?

Okay, that's going to be easier... And fun nonetheless!

We have information that Sowilo knows a place, a really old place, and that she's organizing an expedition there, so stay tuned, more news coming soon...

Also, we have some incredible new styles coming this month, and at the end of the month we'll be unveiling the results of the latest Woozen Design Contest and the outfits made by YOU!

And let's not forget the Contests... We'll have MANY this month.

Get ready for Rising Star, International Women's Day, Plant a Flower Day, St. Patrick's Day, and much much more!

(We promise not to spoil the surprises!)

Welcome to March, and get ready for a new kind of adventure.

This month you'll need to git gud, or it will be game over!

Woozworld Staff

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