Mack is Back!

Howdy Woozens,

It's ya ol' pal Builder Jack here!

I know ya've been real busy traveling all over those fancy alien planets, but ol' Jack really needs some help back home.

Ya might not know, but I have a twin brother named Mack. He's kind of a big-shot designer, traveling all over teaching good folk how to make fancy UnitZ and all.

Not much of a man of action that one, never had to hold a hammer in his life, but brains and good taste for days!

Not sure why Mack is coming back now...but I hope is for business and not pleasure...

Anyhoo... I would like to give him a welcome party, somethin' cozy, but classy! What's that fancy word Nora said the other day? Boggers? Bogey? BOUGIE!

Not quite sure what she means, but the lady knows her stuff and she knows my brother better than I.

Ya friend ol' Jack is not a big party planner, and this is where y'all come in!

Let's do a nice barbecue and enjoy this beautiful summer with a garden party to show Mack we are happy to see him.

But hold your horses, I didn't even tell ya about my "Thankya gift".

By participating in this UnitZ Contest y'all get some Beex and some Recolour Tokens, and the winners will get lots of Wooz and a jaw-droppin' Title.

So, if ya got what it takes, click HERE, and let's get fire in this grills!

See ya,

Builder Jack