Lib Street's Next Superstar Information


The competition is starting! Will you be Lib Street's Next Superstar? Follow our steps below and you may see yourself taking home the prize.

Step 1: Choose a Coach

Choose the coach who you want to represent you. Your choices are Ellie Beexish, Lil Wooz X and Zariana. You can read about them here. Open the WoozNewZ to make your choice.

Step 2: Collect & Rank

Collect Star Coins, which are appearing throughout NationZ Unitz. Some will also appear in Woozen Unitz, but your chances are better in NationZ Unitz. The more Star Coins you collect, the higher you'll rise on the Daily Leaderboard!

But wait! There's more. For every Star Coin you collect, you'll gain some FanZ. FanZ will help you rise on your team's leaderboard, too!

As you gain Superstar Preztige (you'll learn about this below), you'll gain more FanZ per Star Coin collected, thus helping you rise even higher on your coach's team leaderboard.

Moral of the story? COLLECT THOSE COINS!

Step 3: Perform!

It's not just Star Coins you have to be looking out for… Golden Microphones will also be appearing! You'll find them in NationZ Unitz (and sometimes in Woozen Unitz) as well. Collect these to get access to stage performances. For your performances, you'll have to sing a song by re-typing the lyrics that will appear behind you while you're on stage. Your performance will be given a rating out of 5 stars at the end. If you don't make any mistakes, you'll get a 5-star rating! You'll be able to check a leaderboard to see which coach's team has the most 5-star performances.

Note: You can only have ONE performance scheduled at a time. We don't want you to burn out! Complete your performance so that you can get another one.

Important Information

Superstar Preztige

After each of your performances, you'll get Superstar Preztige based on your star-rating. The more performances you do (and the higher your star-rating), the more Superstar Preztige you'll get! Like we mentioned before, as your Superstar Preztige grows, you'll gain more FanZ per Star Coin collected, which will help you rise on your coach's team leaderboard.

Note: Superstar Preztige does not affect your ranking on the Daily Leaderboard.


Coach's Team Top 20:

The top Woozen at the end of the competition will receive a fully colorable hair and crown, 30,000 Wooz, achievement & title.

2nd-20th will receive a semi-colorable hair and crown, 2,500 Wooz, achievement & title.

20 users (chosen at random) will receive the same prize as 2nd-20th.

Daily Superstar Chart:

Each daily competition ends at 12PM WT.

The top Woozen at this moment will receive an exclusive Superstar Mannequin, 5,000 Wooz, achievement & title.

2nd-20th will receive 1,000 Wooz, achievement & title.

You can only win the Daily Superstar Chart once.

Coach vs Coach vs Coach:

The coach's team that gets the most 5-star performances will receive a Superstar Trophy as well as an achievement & title. To get the prize, you must be on the winning team and have had at least ONE 5-star performance.

And there you have it! There's a lot of competing to do, so it's time to get started. Who knows… You might just become Lib Street's Next Superstar!