Lib Street's Newest Additions!

Bookworms rejoice!

Lib Street's brand new Library has just opened its doors! Not only is it stacked from floor to ceiling with books, but there are also plenty of cozy couches and chairs to curl up with a great book in. And isn't it just the perfect time of year for that? We're definitely looking forward to spending this fall at Lib Street's newest addition.

But... Before we start spending all our spare time perusing the bookshelves, we should really get to know the new librarian, Mrs. Nilbog! We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with Lib Street's newest transplant. Read our interview with this sweet soul down below!

WZW: Thank you for meeting with us, Mrs. Nilbog! We're so happy to have you here in Lib Street.

Mrs. Nilbog: The pleasure's all mine. Lib Street is a lovely NationZ! :-)

WZW: It sure is! So, Mrs. Nilbog, were you a librarian before coming to Lib Street? If so, where?

Mrs. Nilbog: I was a librarian in a very small library, but I try not to dwell too much on the past, so it doesn't matter where I was before. The present and the future are what's most important to me. Lib Street is my new home and I am very happy to be working at the library.

WZW: We're happy, too! What do you like to do in your spare time?

Mrs. Nilbog: I love gardening. Plants are a real passion of mine. I also love to read, of course.

WZW: Those sound like great hobbies! What kind of books do you like to read?

Mrs. Nilbog: I like to read books about plants and gardening, but I also enjoy historical books as well.

WZW: Wow, you must really love gardening! What kinds of plants do you like to grow?

Mrs. Nilbog: Oh, I like experimenting with different plants. I've even created a few hybrids! I'm not quite sure if they're ready for the public, though…

WZW: Well, we hope to see them when they are! So, Mrs. Nilbog, do you have any children?

Mrs. Nilbog: My plants are my children :-)

WZW: Oh... Cool. Does your favourite colour happen to be green, by any chance?

Mrs. Nilbog: Why, how could you tell? [laughs] Does my outfit give it away? To me, green is the colour of new beginnings and I think we could all use those once in awhile. Just like you, here in Woozworld, have had some new beginnings recently with your NationZ re-vamps of Lib Street and Mystic Alley.

WZW: I guess so! Wait... How'd you know about that?

Mrs. Nilbog: Oh, I did my research, my dear. I think Woozworld will be the perfect place for me and my plants :-)

WZW: Well, we're happy to hear that! Thanks for your time, Mrs. Nilbog. We'll see you at the library real soon!

Mrs. Nilbog: I hope so :-)

Like she said, Mrs. Nilbog is excited to meet you at the library! She's still settling into her new home, so she's not working quite yet, but she'll be there soon. Keep your eye on your Quest Journal for your chance to meet her. In the meantime, be sure to visit the Lib Street Library! See you there :)

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