Let's go explore!

Hello Woozens,

Being new here, I decided to walk around a bit to familiarize myself.

I'm a dreamer and a little moonstruck.

Sometimes I make up stories in my head that are completely unreal, like ''if I push on this stone, maybe it will open a secret passage that nobody has discovered!''

Yes, I probably read too many books, but these little thoughts make me smile :)

Guess what!

I found a place, dirty, that smelled a bit like mold, but I think nobody had been there for a while!

Probably put aside for a good reason too, but my curiosity was greater than my fear.

So I decided to bring you with me in this adventure, which will start on March 15th!

I will be as silent as a grave, there is no way I'll reveal the surprise before then.

Who says dusty, dirty and smelly place, means appropriate clothing!

There will be a selfie contest, the winners will be given 3000 Wooz, 150 000 Beex and one of the 20 winners will even have the chance to have their picture in the blog that will give you the latest information for our adventure.

Click HERE to enter the selfie contest!

Good luck!


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