Learn How To Play: Werewolf

Werewolf is one of Max's most popular games! And for good reason, too; you get everything from comedy to dramaaaa when you play Werewolf.

But... How do you play? Find out below!

As Max always says, Werewolf is a simple game of HUNGER and REVENGE.

There are two main groups of players:

The Werewolves:

Werewolves are very hungry for one thing and one thing only... Villagers. Each Werewolf will choose one Villager to eat each round of the game. They will tell Max via private chat (PC) which Villager they want to eat.

The Villagers:

Villagers have one simple goal: to find out who the Werewolves are and banish them. Each round, the Villagers will vote one suspected Werewolf to boot out of the Village (and also out of the game.) ALL VILLAGERS MUST VOTE.

There are special villagers, too. They are:

The Psychic: The Psychic has the power to gain information about one player per round. They will tell Max via PC which player they want to learn about.

The Witch: The Witch has one potion of life and one potion of death. Max will tell them via PC which Villagers have been eaten. The Witch then chooses if they want to save one of them with their potion of life, or kill someone else with their potion of death. If the Witch is voted out of the Village, they can also use their potion to save themself, but then their identity will be known. Be wise!

The Hunter: In the event of the Hunter's untimely death or booting from the Village, the Hunter will choose someone they suspect to take with them. They will announce this if it happens.

The Mayor: In the event of a tie, the Mayor's vote counts for two. The title of Mayor will be bestowed upon the player who answers Max's skill-testing question first. That means ANYONE CAN BE THE MAYOR (even a Werewolf!)

Each role will be assigned by Max via PC. If you do not receive a PC from Max, you are a regular Villager (with a very important duty to vote!)

Werewolf is played until there are only Villagers or Werewolves left in the game OR until time runs out. The side with the majority wins!

Now, you're all caught up on how to play Werewolf!

Good luck!