Kick it at the cottage

Summer-lovin' Woozens,

Summer time is heeeere!

After a relaxing After Prom by the pool, we decided to pack up our swim gear & hottest summer outfits and kick it by the lake for an extra looooong vacay away at the COTTAGE!

"But there's no Wifi in the woods... What will we do for fun?!", you cry! Fear not, there are pleeeeeenty of awesome cottage-y goodies headed your way to help you have a most splendid summer vacay!

First of all, we gotta start by setting the scene. Keep your eyes peeled for, not one, but TWO, new furniture lines! That's right, soon you'll be able to get your hands on some Outdoor Cottage Furniture, as well as some Indoor Cottage Furniture to help you spruce the place up!

Of course, you know we loooove to see your designs, soooooo don't take your eyes off that Contests section in the Navigator! We wanna see you design an outdoor AND an indoor cottage space! You may even spot a *new* Unitz to decorate ;)

Make your way to the Woozworld Cottage today and kick up those feet for some rest & relaxation!

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