Prom Sabotage 1997: Who did it?

Prom-loving Woozens,

There's another prom night sabotage to solve!

Let's turn the clocks all the way back to 1997 and see what we can do to help! See, on prom night, just as the first students were showing up to party, they discovered that the venue was locked... And no one had a key!

Luckily, we have narrowed it down to the two students who had the key last: Courtney and Justin. One of them must know what happened to the key... And it's up to you to find out who!

As usual, we'll give you a little backstory on these two so your investigation is more informed.

Courtney is the most popular girl in school. Everyone knows who she is, though she doesn't know everyone. Bubbly and talkative, Courtney can be a little ditzy, but she's also crafty with a competitive streak. She's been campaigning hard for Prom Queen along with her boyfriend...

Justin! Equally as popular as Courtney, he's the star of the soccer team. Justin is known as a friendly goofball who loves making people laugh. Though affable and friendly, he's also known to have a flair for the dramatic, which he showcases regularly on the soccer pitch.

These two seem like shoe-ins for Prom King and Queen, so why would either of them sabotage the big night? We really can't figure this one out.

Check your Quest Journal soon to meet with each of them so we can find out which half of the most popular couple in school ruined prom!

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