July Summer Calendar

Sunny-loving Woozens,

Get ready for summer in Woozworld! We have a month filled with exciting rewards in store for you!

Throughout July, we will provide a daily calendar with gifts.

All you need to do is access the game and click on the calendar to receive your reward!

Each day will feature a unique prize, such as recolor tokens, spellZ, Beex, Wooz, Garments, Furniture, and more.

And there's more!

In addition to receiving multiple gifts, you have the opportunity to unlock exclusive rewards such as distinct titles, profile skins, and speech bubbles.

If you collect all 31 rewards, you'll also receive an exceptional piece of furniture as a special bonus.

No need to worry if you miss a day, this furniture will still be available in store during the first week of August. However, you won't be able to receive the Titles and Achievements from the month of July.

Woozworld Staff.

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