July Activities in Woozworld!

Dear readers... Or should I say, dear woozens!

I hope you've taken advantage of the Prom season to fill up on all your drama and gossip cravings.

To your joggers and oversized sweaters, you deserve to rest a little... Before what?

Before we leave at sunset to enjoy the nightlife!

I will tell you more, but let's get back to resting first!

Keep your eyes open, because you can enjoy a little self-care in the company of your BestiZ! Yes, yes, there's new stuff coming for our little friends.

Mya is working on a new Unitz where you can chat with your friends, and make new acquaintances. It will change the vibes from the Bubz Café!

Back to our Night Life!

This month, we'll offer contests on various themes, including individual, in-group, and Unitz contests!

Get ready for FASHION, because no one goes out without an outfit that will amaze everyone!

July is a month of parties, so make the most of the little break you get, because when the nightlife starts, you won't have much time to rest!


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