July Activities

Drama-loving Woozens,

Let's take a break from space adventuring and return to Woozworld for a bit. There's some romantic drama that requires our attention.

Woozworld has exciting updates and renovations this month, including an After-Prom Party and some engaging drama.

Make sure to stay updated and follow all the details of this soap opera.

In addition to what we previously mentioned in our blog, we have exciting rewards every day in July on a special calendar.

If you consistently connect every day, you will also have the chance to win special prizes. Make sure to log in daily to collect your July rewards.

We have some exciting upcoming contests, such as new mazes and a special writing contest where you can create your crew members in Colony VI.

Welcome to July in Woozworld! Prepare yourself for a month full of love and drama!

Woozworld Staff

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