July 2021 Activities

Summery Woozens,

July is off to a busy, busy start!

As you know, we kicked off July with a celebration of all things EH? for Canada Day on July 1. I'm sure you know what we're talking aboot.

We started the party with Prom 2k21 on July 2! And what a party it was. Keep checking the blog to find out who your Prom Royalty 2k21 winners are! They'll be announced soon.

And we kept the party going with the Bonfire Afterparty furniture! How gorgeous is it??? Obsessed.

We busted out our Stars and Stripes to celebrate the 4th of July! What's your fave: stars or stripes? I vote **stars** myself.

If you thought that was all we had coming for you this month, you could NOT be more wrong! We have a LOT for you to look forward to this month. For instance...

We have a new GrabZ for you! And this time we're keepin' it CAMP. Summer camp, that is! Get everything you need for a summer of outdoor fun.

Treat your sweet tooth on Chocolate Day! There will be plenty of the good stuff in ShopZ.

We'll be playing everyone's favorite outdoor game: Capture the Flag! We'll have more deets for ya soon.

On Embrace Your Geekness day, you gotta get your geek on! Find all things geek in ShopZ then!

You know we'll have a camp GrabZ... But we'll also have a camp furniture line! Make your summer camp dreams come true!

Eternally tired? Me too, friend, me too. Thankfully we'll be catching some ZZZ's with some cute PJ looks!

By the end of the month, you'll wanna cool off big time... And the Waterpark furniture line will be just the thing to make that happen!

Throughout the month, keep your eyes peeled for new wings, new PoseZ and maybe even some new UnikZ ;)

Things are just getting started! What are you most looking forward to in July? Let us know in the comments :)

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