Jim and Val: NO MORE!

OMZ-loving Woozens,

We have some, well, bad news.

Jim and Val aren't quite on the same great terms as they were when we last talked to them. From what we can piece together, the once dynamic duo had a huuuuge fight after the interview and are now estranged.

Apparently, Val accused Jim of taking all the credit for all of their ideas and Jim accused Val of acting like she's the only one who does any "real" work. Evidently, Val didn't disagree with that sentiment and upset Jim even more. By the end of the fight, they could only agree on one thing: that they'd never work together again.

Sooo, not exactly an ideal outcome here.

We're not sure what this means for the Furniture Design Contest... We were definitely counting on their expertise and help. Postponement? Cancellation? #2020strikesagain?

Unless... Hmm... You don't think... Do you think there's a way we could... Get the dynamic duo back together, right? It's probably a lost cause? Unless... You Woozens do tend to work miracles sometimes.

Keep your eye on your Quest Journal. We have an idea that might just work...

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