Jenny's Grand Opening

As we all know, Jenny LOVES food! Whether she's cooking it, baking it or eating it, she's happy. She finally felt it was time to take her love for food to the next level, so she's taking a big step: opening her own restaurant!

Over the past few months, Jenny's been secretly designing her restaurant, with help, of course, from the rest of the Woozband. She's finally happy with the layout and design and she can't wait to open!

Before she opens, though, she needs to make sure she has a reliable staff! She's looking for chefscooksmanagershosts/hostesses and waiters/waitresses.

Chefs should be creative, knowledgeable and reliable. If you want to be one of Jenny's chefs, you'll have to show her you know your way around a kitchen by designing one yourself! Make sure it's well-equipped, but easy to move around in.

Cooks should be creative, reliable and willing to learn new things. If you want to be one of Jenny's cooks, you'll need to show her you can really cook by submitting one of your own recipes to her. Make sure you're very specific and creative!

Managers should be organized, reliable and have great interpersonal skills. If you want to be one of Jenny's managers, you'll have to prove yourself by designing your own restaurant. Make sure it's easy-to-navigate, but pleasing to the eye of potential customers.

Hosts/hostesses should be friendly, organized and be quick-thinking. If you want to be one of Jenny's hosts, you need to prove that you can think on your feet! You'll have to complete a quiz to prove your fast thinking. Check in on Tuesday Feb 21 and Thursday Feb 23 and finish the quiz.

Waiters/waitresses should be friendly, quick and have a great memory. If you want to be one of Jenny's waiters or waitresses, you'll need to complete a challenge hosted by Jenny to prove that you're quick on your feet. Check in on Wednesday Feb 22 and Friday Feb 24 to try the challenge.

Think about which position you're the best fit for, or, what the heck, apply for them all! What do you have to lose, right? Keep a lookout for these contests and quests and you might just land yourself a new position.

Keep your eyes peeled for Jenny's restaurant! It'll be opening soon and it's sure to please!

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