The couple is moving faster than ever!

EVERYONE is happy that Jenny and Max have rekindled their romance and EVERYONE is excited to attend yet another Woozband wedding, but, unfortunately... We're too late. An insider source tells me Jenny and Max ALREADY got married!

"WHAT?!" you're screaming. "WHEN?!" you're yelling.

I know, Woozens, what a shocker! A bit of a stab in the back to the community that has shipped them for years... But, hey, at least you didn't have to buy them a gift, right?

If you think it's bad that YOU didn't get an invite, listen to THIS! A source tells me that Mya and Jay, the othe half of the Woozband, were NOT in attendance! Did Mya's famous jealousy get the best of her? Did Max not trust Jay with his secret wedding plans?

"We. Could. Not. Believe IT! JAX's wedding without MAY? But then, Jenny explained that Mya was against them getting back together," a wedding attendee spilled. "Jenny just wants to be happy with Max after all these years and just couldn't deal with the negativity on their big day."

The wedding is said to have been QUITE the affair! A source tells me that after exchanging hand-written vows and saying their I-do's, they released 10,000 pink and green and yellow and blue butterflies into the air.

"There wasn't a dry eye in the audience!" a guest tells me. "It was the most beautiful, extravagant, amazing, beautiful event I've ever been a part of."

Well.. There you have it, Woozens. JAX is married and their "best friends" weren't even part of their big day.

Seems like trouble in paradise for the Woozband... Will their friendship survive?