Wooz Weekly: JAX Makes a Move

The news just doesn't stop, Woozens!

Woozworld's oldest/newest couple has decided to take the plunge and move in together! An anonymous insider reveals all.

"Max doesn't want to lose Jenny again and is really pulling all the stops early on to show how committed he is," the insider gushed. "Jenny is impressed and beyond happy."

I was able to track down their real estate agent to get more information. They prefer to remain anonymous as well, so we will call them OodGoldWooz.

"They really do seem like they are in love. They knew exactly what house they wanted and paid lots of Wooz for it," OodGoldWooz revealed. "Back in my day, it may have been a 50,000 Wooz home... But they shelled out millions for it."

Jenny and Max are IN LOVE and LOADED! Do we know how much Wooz they have in their pocket? Is it more than Mya? How is Mya taking the news? Happy? Jealous? Angry? Don't worry, Woozens... Woozarazzi is on the case!

Until the next gossip drops,