Wooz Weekly: JAX Engaged!


You will NEVER guess the information I have on my desk, Woozens.

We all know that most of you want JAX back together and... The latest news? THEY ARE ALREADY ENGAGED! And, lucky for us, their wedding planner is spilling all the T.

"The wedding is going to be huge! Max is really in love and wants Jenny to feel like a queen," the planner gushed. "Max sees big things for his wedding."

Max is planning the wedding?! Hope Jenny is prepared... We all know that Max isn't the most organized...

They've already shelled out millions for a house and NOW this extravagant wedding? Who will be attending this thing? More, importantly, will Mya (who is most likely green with envy) be Jenny's Maid of Honour?

No need to worry, Woozens! I'm on the case and I always get my scoop.