January 2021 in Woozworld

Happy new year, Woozens!

It's only the beginning of 2021, but we've already got a lot in store for you. Here are just SOME of the things you have to look forward to this month!

First up, just because we've left 2020 in the dust doesn't mean we have to forget about all the gorgeous styles that came with it! For the first couple weeks of January, you'll be able to find allll of the looks from 2020 in ShopZ. Did you miss a 'fit you really wanted? Changed your colour code (#newyearnewyou)? Now's your chance!

Coming up soon, you'll be able to get the ~*winter lewk*~ of your dreams with the all new Winter Clothing GrabZ! Beanies, jackets, boots, oh myyyyy. Find it in the Mystery GrabZ section of ShopZ starting on January 12!

As many of you know, with January comes a certain fashionista's birthday. That's right! January 14 is MyaWooz's birthday and you'll be able to celebrate with her... In style, of course!

We're also hearing some concerning reports about a winter storm heading our way. Good thing we'll be prepared with some cool (cool... get it?) new furniture in ShopZ! And there might even be some EXTRA cold (think ICE cold) UnikZ to look forward too...

Speaking of this storm... Even though we're well-prepared, we might still need your help when it hits. Apparently this is no ordinary winter storm... And this is Woozworld, after all. Who knows what (or who?) could be hidden within these wintry winds!

We know; it's A LOT to take in, but we also know you can handle it. And, just think... It's only the beginning!

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