January 2 Advent Calendar Gift...Re-Gift!

Hey Woozens,

Thanks to all of your messages, we realized that some of you didn't receive your January 2 gift from the New Year's Calendar. We've heard you, and we're here to help!

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to fix the issue on time for January 2 (or in time to receive the bonus gift), buuuuuuut we're hoping you'll forgive us on Wednesday, January 12.

That's right, on Wednesday, January 12, we will have a makeup gift available for you for 24 hours! All you gotta do is make sure to login to Woozworld on Wednesday, January 12 and keep your eyes peeled for a button that will have your free gift...Don't worry, you can't miss it! :P Not only will you receive the January 2 gift, but you'll also receive the bonus gift!

We are deeply sorry for the January 2 mixup, but better late than never, right??

Did we mention that you gotta check back on Wednesday, January 12?!

Don't forget!

Woozworld Team

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