It's a Wood Blitz!

Cottage-livin' Woozens,

As you know, Builder Jack is running a little behind on his orders. He was spotted by the Woozworld Cottage collecting Wood just to try and keep up! He's asked you to help him out by collecting wood in the Forest... But what sort of wood should you be looking for?!

Well, we're here to give you the 411!

In the Forest, you'll find that collecting wood will give you 1 of 3 different types of wood: Regular, Flimsy, and Sturdy

Builder Jack needs 15,000 Wood Planks to get all of his orders filled! In order to get Wood Planks, you'll need to collect the different types of Wood in the Forest and then trade them in for Wood Planks. How do you turn Wood into Wood Planks, you ask? Simple, 5 pieces of Wood = 1 Wood Plank - Of course, they'll all need to be the SAME type of Wood to create a Wood Plank.

It's time to band together and help out your old pal! Together, you'll all collect Wood and turn it into Wood Planks. From there you can trade wood planks to Builder Jack for other resources. Every wood Plank you trade with him (via Wood Blitz recipes) will be added to the Wood Blitz Progress Bar! You can track your progress and see how far away you are from your goal by clicking on the Wood Blitz Progress Bar button in World. Every Woozen that helps Builder Jack reach his goal will receive a gift bundle (from the Store) from the builder himself!

Builder Jack will be updating his Wood Blitz recipes daily. You can trade wood planks in the Builder Jack section of the Navigator. All recipes that have "Wood Blitz" in them are used for the progress bar.

Builder Jack ALSO has his own Crafting Table fuuuuuuullllllllllllll of Wood Furniture recipes!

What're you waiting for? If you haven't met up with Builder Jack yet, check out your Quest Journal today!