It's a Gold Rush!

Golden Woozens,

There's been a new discovery in the Woozworld Mine! You may even say we've hit a... Gold Mine...

You may not have known, but Woozworld's Mine has tons and tons of miners working day and night to make sure the paths are clear and safe for Woozens to explore. It's not the most glamorous job in the world, but they sure love it!

Recently, they've opened up a brand new path in the Mine! Mr. O'Neil, the miner crew's boss has assured us that, while the path is still under construction, it is perfectly safe for Woozens to come and explore!

Now, we're not one to gossip, BUT there is a rumor floating around about the Mine. Legend has it, that some sort of creature, perhaps a scaley, fire-breathing type, has been living in the deep, deep corners of the Mine. Of course, the legend is all hearsay, the miners have been working down in the Mine for years and have yet to discover anything.

Mr. O'Neil, who thinks the rumors are just a bit of good fun, knows the ins and outs of the Mine like nobody else! While he's not known to be a greedy man, he couldn't help but mention just how much GOLD there is in this new path! Oodles and oodles of Gold Ores and Gold Ingots just waiting to be collected.

Before you head down to the Mine, you can find Mr. O'Neil enjoying his lunch break in his office. Check your Quest Journal and pay him a visit and he can give you some more info on the new path...

Stay golden!

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