Introducing the new Crafting mechanic (EARLY ACCESS)


We're introducing a new mechanic in Woozworld: The ability to use Crafting to build your own items!

How to use the Crafting mechanic

You can access the basic Crafting mechanic from the new icon we've added in the HUD:

From there, you'll see the list of Crafting Tables and tools you can build, and how much all of the different resources cost. You'll be able to find some of the resources directly in World, and you'll have to create other items all by yourself.

Collect Resources

First things first, you'll need to find & collect Resources in World, by clicking on them to harvest them (harvesting resources requires Energy).

You can see all the resources you currently own in the new section in your Inventory:

Transform Resources into refined ones

You'll need some tools to refine some of your basic resources into something a little more advanced! Build the Table Saw, the Forge and the Spinning Wheel to transform and upgrade your basic resources. You can build all of those from the new Crafting menu:

Craft items

Finally, build one of the different Crafting Tables which will allow you to build furniture or clothing. Each Crafting Table unlocks different items that you can craft. Build and open them all to see the different possibilities!

Complete the new Quests to learn all about how to get started with your crafting adventure:

Three new Zones where to find resources

We've introduced 3 new zones in Woozworld that you can explore to find & harvest resources:

The Farm - Harvest wool from sheep, which you can turn into yarn to craft clothing and furniture

The Forest - Harvest wood from tree stumps, which you can turn into wood planks to craft furniture

The Mine - Harvest stone and many different types of ores, which you can turn into metal ingots to craft furniture

There are different levels in the mine. The further down you go, the rarer the resources you'll find... But, finding your way down the mine will require solving some puzzles, some of which will require you to ask other Woozens for help to complete! Bring your pals, or make new friends and collaborate to unlock the way down!

Important note: You can't cheat and bypass the exploration by "joining" your friends already in the mine (or the other zones), you need to start from the entry and find your way to join them if they've already started without you. Or...maybe there really IS a way to create shortcuts to a lower level of the mine? Explore it and find it!

New Quests

You'll notice a bunch of new Daily Quests related to crafting and the new zones. For example, visit and explore the Mine to try to find some lost items in exchange for a reward:

Early Access - What does it mean?

This new mechanic is being released as "Early Access" - This means that we're still building and improving it, and it will evolve in the upcoming updates, so please don't be surprised as things change. Here's a short (not fully complete) list of what is restricted during the Early Access, and what might change as we progress:

  • Resources you collect cannot be traded or resold (for the moment)
  • Items you craft (clothing and furniture) are for your own use only, they cannot be traded or resold either (for the moment)
  • Items you craft aren't colorable (for the moment)
  • Stacks of resources are limited to 999 for each resource. If you try to collect more than that, they will be considered wasted.
  • The number of resources required to craft different items might change during the Early Access, as we work on balancing them
  • The quantity of energy required to harvest different resources will also change as we progress (for the moment they all cost only 1 energy point each)
  • The visuals and contents of each zone will be improved as we progress - new rooms, new puzzles, new secrets you can find and unlock (...did we say secrets?)
  • New Quests and Daily Quests will be added
  • New items to craft will be added

Future improvements

We won't give too many details for now, but we're already planning a few additions...For example, new Leaderboards will be created to track which Woozens harvest the most resources every week, and new achievements + titles for the most proficient resources collectors. Stay tuned in the next few months to see what's coming, and let us know how you feel about it what you'd like to get!

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