Introducing OkunoZima Island

Woozens, as you know, we have made some SHOCKING discoveries over the years. From chocolate-loving aliens, to secret worlds to goblin-obsessed librarians, we have seen A LOT.

But nothing compares to our latest discovery...

OkunoZima Island.

It's an island of -wait for it- bunnies.


An island.

Of bunnies.

Are you hearing us? It's an ISLAND that's just filled with fluffy, adorable, friendly BUNNIES!

We know what you're thinking... How could we have not discovered this sooner???

Well, it turns out that they really like to keep to themselves. I mean... They're bunnies, after all. They have everything they need on OkunoZima, so they rarely have to worry about leaving. They do have a secret, though...

A big secret.

You see, dear Woozen, this island is where the most famous bunny of all comes from... The EASTER BUNNY! At the beginning of each new decade, a new Easter bunny is chosen and the decision is NOT taken lightly... Especially this year. After all the incidents with the Easter bunny over the past decade, the bunnies of OkunoZima want to make the best decision possible.

And that's where you come in.

We'll be introducing you to the top candidates over the next few days and you'll have to help the bunnies of OkunoZima decide who will be the best Easter Bunny. That's right... You get to look at cute bunnies AND have a hand in choosing the next Easter Bunny!

Check back soon to learn about the first candidate!

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