Introducing: New ShopZ!

We're happy to show you our new-and-improved ShopZ! There's a ton of new stuff included with it, so let's start! Here's the list of what's discussed in this post:

  • New look and better performance
  • Much more content!
  • Introducing Favorite items
  • Introduction of the ShopZ Cart
  • Discounts and Flash Sales
  • Limited Time items
  • Create a new look and purchase garments directly from your Closet
  • How to easily buy items you see in the World
  • More details when purchasing store packs (Mobile Woozens only)
  • Extra info


New look, better performance

You'll first notice a brand new look for ShopZ. Thumbnails are bigger and, when you select an item, you'll see a bigger preview of that item in HD, so you have a clearer view of what you're about to purchase. If you're using the Woozworld Mobile App, you'll notice that using ShopZ is now much easier because of the bigger buttons and images.



You'll also notice that browsing ShopZ now is much quicker than before. Whether you're changing categories or searching for specific items, everything happens much faster! Because, let's face it; life is too short to waste time waiting for stuff to load!

Much more content!

Tons of new items will be available in ShopZ. Specifically, there will be a lot more furniture so you'll be able to add some variety to your fave Unitz. All of these items will be organized more clearly than before, so have fun browsing the many new categories on the left!


Introducing: Favorite items

You can now mark an item as a "Favorite!" This means that, even if you don't buy it right away, you'll be able to find it easily next time you visit ShopZ! You can add an item as a Favorite directly from the preview window in Shopz:


or from directly from your Closet:


When you set an item as "Favorite", two different things will happen:

  • They will all automatically show up in the "My Favorites" section of ShopZ so you can easily purchase them again later (as long as they're still available)
  • shopz_list_favorites
  • When you browse your Closet to change your look, all of your Favorite items will show at the top of the list. You'll be able to access your Favorites much faster, especially if you have a huuuge Closet of garments:
  • closet_favorites_first

If you want to remove an item as Favorites, simply click the heart button again, either from ShopZ or from your Closet.

Introduction of the Shopz Cart

Planning on going on a ShopZ spree? Check out our brand new Cart!

Instead of having to buy each item you want separately, you now have the option to add them to your cart and purchase them all at onceinstead! When you want to purchase an item, simply click on the "Add to cart" icon to add it to your Cart. When you've got your fill, click the green Cart button to go to checkout:


What are the benefits of using the Cart, you ask?

  • Sometimes, there are lots of items you want to buy, but you're not sure if you'll have enough funds to get them all. We've all been there! Add everything you want to your Cart and when you're at the checkout, you can decide what you want to keep or remove, based on how much Wooz and Beex you have.
  • You want to buy items but don't have the money right away? No problem! You can add them to your cart and come back later (even a different day!) to checkout. Items in your cart will stay there as long as you don't checkout (with the exception of Limited Time items, which you'll learn more about below). For Woozens that play both on web and mobile: please note that the content of your cart isn't shared between both platforms.
  • DISCOUNTS! From time to time, we will have special discounts where you will get a discount on the TOTAL amount of your cart when you spend a certain amount in ShopZ (for example, you might get 20% off your total when you spend 5000 Wooz.) When such a discount is applied, you'll see this appearing at the bottom of your cart:
  • cart_discount

Discounts and Flash Sales

We now have the ability to give you special discounts on assets throughout ShopZ! When an item has a discount, you'll see how much the discount is right in the list, so you'll never miss it!


Be cautious, though; discounts are always time-limited! When you select an item to see its details, you'll see when the discount will end and how much you're saving:


Some discounts have a gold tag instead of a red tag. This means that these discounts are available for VIP Woozens exclusively!


If you're in the mood to save and don't feel like browsing non-sale items, check out the "Sales" category! This will show you all of the items currently being discounted.


Make sure to login often so you don't miss any sweet deals!

Limited Time items

In addition to discounts, from time to time, certain items will be available in ShopZ for a limited time only. These items will always be marked like this:


To make sure you won't miss anything in ShopZ, check out the "Limited Time" category often! It will show you everything that's leaving ShopZ soon:


When you click on a Limited Time item, you'll see exactly how much longer it will be in ShopZ for:


Create a new look and purchase garments directly from your Closet

We wanted to make it easier for you when you're looking to get new garments from ShopZ! Sure, you can still go to ShopZ and browse like you always have (plus use all of the cool, new features), but you can also browse garments directly from your Closet.

You'll notice the Closet now has 3 distinct sections:

  1. Your Inventory (garments you already own)
  2. Shopz (garments you can purchase)
  3. Outfits (full outfits you created)

If you're looking for something nice to complement what you already own, simply switch the section at the top to "ShopZ" to browse what's available for purchase. Also, when you select any garment, it will be previewed directly on your Woozen!


Don't hesitate to switch between your inventory and ShopZ to mix n' match the pieces you want.

You can color and recolor them to match them with your other garments until you confirm the purchase (at which point the colors you've chosen will stick). Confirm your selection by clicking on "Wear outfit" and you'll be asked to confirm the purchase of the garments you don't already own.


Don't like the garments you tried on? Simply click the "Reset" button at the bottom to revert to your current look and/or go back to the inventory section:


How to easily buy items you see in the World

You like something you see while playing and you'd like to buy it? You can easily see if it's available in ShopZ with only a few clicks!

If it's a piece of clothing another Woozen is wearing, hover on them and click on the ShopZ button:


If it's a piece of furniture you saw in a Unitz, go to the Unitz menu and click on the ShopZ button:


If you're on Woozworld Mobile, use these buttons instead:



More details when purchasing Store packs

This one's only for our Woozens on Mobile for now (sorry, everyone else)!

When browsing the weekly Store packs, you'll now be able to easily see what's actually included in each of them. Click on any pack and you'll see a detailed list of what it includes:


Click on the button in the bottom right corner to confirm your purchase.

Extra Info

  • When looking at the details of an item in ShopZ, you can use the arrow on each side of the screen (or the arrows on your keyboard if you're on the computer) to directly go to the next item in the same category you were browsing without needing to come back to the full list.

Happy ShopZing!

Your Woozband