Introducing: Lib Street's Club LaZer

Hellooooo Woozens!

I'm Jonathan VanWooz, but my bffs call me JVW. I try to spread positivity wherever I go and, hunnies, by the look of these gross goblins, Woozworld could definitely use some right now. That's why I thought it would be the most perfect time for my newest club, Club LaZer, to finally open its gorgeous doors in Lib Street!

I decided to open a club in Lib Street after hearing that Woozens were desperately seeking a new hangout space. Though Woozworld does have tons of stunning Unitz, I understand that cafes, restaurants and beaches aren't for everyone. To be honest, I was kinda shook that gorgeous Lib Street didn't already have a gorgeous club! Can you believe? So, I made it my goal to create a space that all of you lovelies could enjoy and be comfortable in and thus, my baby Club LaZer was born.

I am SO THRILLED to be opening my club at long last! I wanted it to be completely and totally perfect for you hunnies, so it took a lil while. Now, I'm beyond satisfied with how it turned out and I am con-fi-dont that you will be, too!

Visit Club LaZer with all your gorgeous bffs! I hope to see you there soon :*


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