Introducing For Love or Wooz

Darling Woozens,

Before we dive into the good stuff, allow me to introduce myself.

I'm your favorite neighborhood Fairy Godmother. I make dreams come true, but I can also take them away, so it's best to stay on my good side. ;)

Today, I'm here to tell you allllllll about Woozworld's HOTTEST new competition of the season: For Love or Wooz.

In For Love or Wooz, six contestants are competing for the love of a handsome prince... Or are they?

Sure, the prince is looking for love and, sure, each contestant is trying to win the prince's affections... But is it really his love they want? Or his riches?

See, whoever the prince chooses at the finale will have a choice of their own to make: take the love or take the money.

Oh, and the money in question? 1 MILLION WOOZ.

In any case, it's not a clear-cut choice.

The prince, Luke, is just hoping to meet someone nice who likes him for him.

"Dating as a handsome prince isn't as glamorous or great as it seems," he says. "People usually only see my beautiful face, but I'm so much more than that."

"Dating isn't as easy as you might think for a prince," Prince Luke says. "It can be hard to make real connections."

He's hoping that he'll be able to find his soulmate within the diverse group of young women on the show.

"These are people I'd never have met in my normal day-to-day life lounging around the palace, so it's been great getting to know them," he continues. "I figure, there's six of them, one's GOTTA be my soulmate. Plus, you know, if they're smart, they'll choose love. I'm a prince. I come with riches, too. "

"It's great meeting people I never would have met in my day-to-day," he continues. "Everyone has been super great and they all definitely have their own charms. We'll see what happens, but I'm feeling pretty positive."

As you can tell, this prince is ready for love!

Come back soon to meet the contestants.

Ta-ta! xo

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