Introducing Chick BestiZ & Incubators

BestiZ-Loving Woozens,

Prof Maple here!

I thought I'd pop in and check up on you! How is your new life with your cute companion going? I trust that you're all becoming BFFs with your new BestiZ pals.

I've also got some exciting news! We've discovered something amazing in Woozworld............EGGS! You know what that means...No, not a free breakfast buffet, buuuut some brand new BESTIZ!!

What kind of BestiZ is inside these eggs, you ask? Well, I stayed up all day and night with an egg by my side, and wouldn't you know it, an adorable little Chick BestiZ hatched from it this morning!

There are all sorts of different eggs to choose from. There's green, gold, sparkly, you name it! Each egg has a different colored Chick BestiZ growing inside it. Check out the Egg GrabZ and get your hands on your first egg today, you never know what color Chick BestiZ you'll get!

BUT- Of course, these eggs need to be kept warm in order to hatch. While I know that sitting IS coming to Woozworld, we can't have you spending your days & nights sitting on an egg waiting for it to hatch, now can we?! No.

In order to hatch your eggs, you're going to need an Incubator. This Incubator will keep your little eggies safe and warm until they are ready to hatch! You can find the Incubator in ShopZ and you can place it in one of your Unitz.

Once your eggs hatch, you'll have a brand new BestiZ!

There are also plenty of adorable accessories for your Chick BestiZ in the Egg GrabZ! Give your new BestiZ a little *personality* with one of the super stylish Chick BestiZ clothing items and show them off to your fellow Woozens!

But that's not all...Make sure you make your new BestiZ feel at home with the new Chick BestiZ furniture found in ShopZ!

Check out the Egg GrabZ today and bring your new BestiZ to life!

Happy hatching!

Prof Maple

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