Introducing Candiworld!

Sweets-loving Woozens,

Prepare yourselves for paradise.

We have just stumbled upon one of the greatest, prettiest, and SUGARIEST places in Woozworld: Candiworld!

The name has not deceived you; it is indeed a world made of CANDY!

Candy trees, candy grass, candy flowers, candy water! It's all sweet in Candiworld. Even its inhabitants are sugary sweet, as evidenced by its mayor, Mayor Gateau.

"We here in Candiworld would like to welcome Woozens with open arms," Mayor Gateau said earlier today, "We can't wait to meet you!"

Though we haven't heard of it before, that doesn't mean Candiworld is new.

"Candiworld has been one of Woozworld's best-kept secrets for years," continued Mayor Gateau," Because of our very delicate ecosystem, we've had to keep our world under wraps. Even the slightest change in environment could really wreak some havoc here. We finally feel ready to invite you into our home, though, and we're excited to make your acquaintance."

You can start your Candiworld adventure by visiting the Candiworld Park. Soon, you'll even be able to create your own Unitz! Catch all-new Candiworld furniture in ShopZ on Tuesday, March 9.

Check back in soon for more information as we learn more and more about this new world! We can't wait to dig in :)

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