How to Play: ScatterBrainZ

Think you know your alphabet? Time to put your knowledge to the test!

ScatterBrainZ is a game that requires you to think quickly on your feet! 

TO START: Three Woozens will enter into LetterZ Square (you know, the big one with all the letters) and iCaramba will assign a letter for the first round. Each round will have a specific letter and category. YOUR job is to name something from the category with a word that starts with the letter of your round. Categories can include things like:

  • Name a female singer
  • Things you find in your refrigerator
  • School subjects

For example, if your letter was M, and your category was Movies, you could say something like:

  • Monster's Inc.
  • Madagascar
  • Mean Girls

You'll be going head to head to come up with the best answer the fastest! If someone says your answer first, you will have to think on your feet and come up with a new answer that you think is better. 

For the first round, iCaramba will determine who had the best answer, and all 3 contestants will move into the JudgeZ Square (Surely you can figure out which one that is). These three contestants will then become the judges for the next round! 

AFTER THE FIRST ROUND: Two Woozens will enter into the LetterZ Square, and the next round will begin with a new letter (Chosen by the winner of the previous round) and a new category. The three Woozens in the JudgeZ Square will vote on their favourite answer. Once a winner is chosen, the two Woozens will join the JudgeZ Square and will have the chance to judge the next round with the winner of the previous round.

*The winner of the round will have the chance to be a judge in the JudgeZ Square twice, and the losing Woozens will have the chance to be a judge in the JudgeZ Square once.*

Seems simple enough, right?

We'll find out on Wednesday!

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