How To Play: Musical NomZ

Hiii Woozens!

As you may have heard, Jay has a new game: Musical NomZ! It's sorta like musical chairs, but instead of music, it's a timer, and instead of chairs, there are nomz. Easy peasy, right?

Before we get into the rules and how-tos, here's what the Unitz looks like:

Now, let's get into the how-tos!

-10 Woozens will enter at a time

-You'll line up alongside the bright red tiles on the edge

-When Jay says you can start, you'll click the red tile in the corner and start walking on the black tiles.

-Jay will start the Random Equalizer Timer. This timer is completely random. Sometimes it's long, sometimes it's short. While the timer is on, you MUST continue walking along the black tiles.

-When the timer ends, you'll have to walk to one of the red tiles in the middle with food on it (aka a NomZ tile). Each round, a food item will be removed, meaning that one Woozen will not make it. They will be eliminated.

-The last Woozen left wins! The prize is cool, I pinky swear.


-No speed-enhancing SymbZ, FoodZ or anything is allowed. These should be removed before the event starts or you risk not being able to play.

-Before the timer goes off, you MUST remain on the black tiles. Shortcuts may lead to a penalty (aka having to go back to the very beginning).

-You cannot share a NomZ tile with another Woozen. The first Woozen there is the rightful winner of the tile. In the case of a tie, there will be a quick tie-breaker.

Important reminders/hints:

-It's always a good idea to turn off your trade and relationship requests before a game event. This way, no one can spam you as you try to make your way around.

-Don't be rude if the game doesn't end up the way you'd like. Remember, it's just a game and games are supposed to be fun.

-The start and end times will be in the pop-up ad for the game. If you don't make it in time, that sucks, but it's not anyone's fault and you can always try next time.

And that's pretty much that! If you have any questions about Musical NomZ, don't be shy to ask in the comment section below. Jay or Yada will try their best to answer.

Have fun and get your NomZ on!