How to Play: Duck Run

Hey Woozens,

What's this new game coming to Woozworld, you ask? Why, it's a good ol' fashioned race...but with a fierce and hungry twist! In teams of 10, you will be racing your duck to the finish line, but watch out the hungry wolf! 

To Start:

Divide into two teams of 10 (Red Team and Blue Team). Once both teams are full, you will head to your team's side and begin to line up. 

To Play:

Each round, one member from each team will face against the other and try to put their fast math skills to the test!

iCaramba will ask a math question and you will have 5 seconds to say the correct answer first! If you answer correctly first, your team's duck will move up to the next patch of pavement. If you answer incorrectly, your duck will stay where they are.

If neither team gets the answer correctly on time, then the wolf will wake up and be placed on the board. The wolf will move forward each round that neither team gets the answer right. If the wolf catches up to your team's duck, your duck will move back to the starting point and will have to restart. After such a delicious duck snack, the wolf will go back into hiding until the next time both teams answer the question incorrectly.

The first team to make it all the way around the board back to the starting point wins! So, don't leave after your turn, because if your team wins, you all get a prize!

Check out the Unitz below, or check it out for yourself here.

Seems easy, right? We'll find out later today!