How To Play: CrossWordZ

Think you're good at hangman? Prove it with Woozworld's newest game! CrossWordZ is the latest game that puts your teamwork and puzzle solving skills to the test!

But...HOW DO YOU PLAY, you wonder? Find out below! 

To Start:

In teams of 5, you'll pick a team colour (Yellow, Red, Blue, Green) and line up on your corresponding team colour's line. Once the game starts, you'll be called in to your team's section. Each team will also assign one person to be their team captain.

In the middle of the Unitz, you'll find the Guessing Board along with the theme of the day. 

To Play:

Once all of the teams have assigned their team captains, the colour wheel will be spun to determine which team will start. When it is your team's turn, you must work together to guess a letter that you think is in the word/phrase on the Guessing Board. The team captain will tell the host what letter their team has chosen to guess.

If your team guesses a letter that is not on the Guessing Board, then you will receive an X. If your team gets 3 X's, your team is out.

If your team guesses a letter that is on the Guessing Board, it will be added to the puzzle and the next team will guess their letter.

If your team would like to solve the puzzle on the Guessing Board, you must do so at the beginning of your turn.

The team that solves the puzzle on the Guessing Board first, wins.

Important to Note:

If it is not your team's turn, do not yell out the answer. If you yell out the answer and it is not your turn, you will be removed from the game and your team will be down a player.

Seems simple enough, right? We'll find out today!

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