HollyWooz Stylists Winners

The HollyWooz celebrities are ready to come back, Woozens.

Lara LeChic and Derick Dun were both looking for a new stylist to go above and beyond to help them launch their comebacks. Many Woozens fought valiantly in the contest to win this opportunity, but there could only be one! (well, two)

After firing her last stylist, Lara was looking for someone to bring back the pizazz! And after going over the top 20 stylists, judging not only the style but also taking into consideration the fashion trends to look for in 2023 in Woozworld, she decided that her new stylist could only be Akutagawa!

Congratulations, Akutagawa! Lara loved your style and she will make sure that every celebrity in HollyWooz knows that she only wears a style that matches yours!

As for our dear Derick, with his new movie coming out, a makeover was in order! And to be fair, he loved all the top 20 styles, but he needed to make a decision. And after some seeeerious consideration, and a few calls for Camila and Zoey, he decided to go with Lovexoxome's look!

Congratulations, Lovexoxome! Derick is getting lots of interviews after the premiere of his new movie, and he is always getting compliments on his new style! You should be proud!

The winners will receive some sweet, sweet Wooz and a unique title to flaunt around WoozWorld!

Thanks to all the participants, we loved seeing how fashionable you can be! We'll be back soon with news of Eddie Egot and Becky Bennet UnitZ contest!